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Rewild aims to create positive impact through film and VR,

through working with businessesinnovators and change makers who value people, wildlife and our planet 


Looking to explain what you do, build trust, promote your business or tell a story?

Film is a great return on investment. You’re 53 times more likely show up first on Google

- if you have a video embedded on your website.

 ReWild is all about expeditions which are BIG, EXCITING and hopefully NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE

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The idea of ReWild had surrounded us for ages, but struck instantaneously. On the grass spurs above the Transkei coastline, Sam and Alistair had been physically carrying it for some time. Contracted to map our country’s leading wilderness trails, we were hiking the multi-day Wild Coast Meander.


Rewind back to the start of the expedition, our team was set a goal: Map +130 hiking trails, using Gary, the Google Trekker. Gary, who is a 22kg backpack and which takes 360 panoramas for Google Maps, making use of the existing Street View technology ... This expedition, effectively a wild newage pilgrimage, held the power to change ‘anyone with a beating heart’s’ perspective. 


Along National Parks and nature reserves, World Heritage Sites and the iconic multi-day trails we walked. Trekking through one of the biggest drought events in living memory, and with the current predictions our world will lose 67% of all wildlife by 2020, our minds began to wonder ... and question. What if we created a business which fundamentally exists because of the exponential loss of ecosystems worldwide?


Through creating immersive, conscious storytelling through film and VR, would it be possible to help those build empathy to these natural spaces? Thus triggered ReWildTV

VR & 360

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