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A Wild Tango

From the heart of Patagonia, to the depths of the city

The last words spoken to a close friend left us in a space of wonder as we rose above the clouds, and heading across the Atlantic.


"The quality of your adventure, and your life ... is determined by quality the of your questions you ask"


After documenting NASA's New Horizons latest mission - where a shadow cast by both a faint star and a deep space object was tracked in Patagonia ... 2 seconds of data successfully captured using 20 mobile telescopes.


We then asked our friends at NASA if there were any other stories worth hearing ... six hours later ReWildTV was on a 24 hour overnight bus to the tip of South America, and the portal to Antartica. Thus began the making of "A Wild Tango"


An experience is the most beautiful gift that an individual or group can receive. Over a month, RewildTV travelled Argentina, from the heart of the city, to the depths of Patagonia's wild.

Called ‘A Wild Tango’ ... this short film pays tribute to the Argentinian culture and our experience, which was much like the dance born in Buenos Aires. The Tango - a complex and emergent dance that does not hold a definite structure, was much like our adventure.

May it inspire you to experience more, research further, take more chances and fall in love.

To find out more about the New Horizons project, click here


A big thank you to Hemporium SA and Cape Union Mart for sponsoring us with gear, without it we would not have been able to survive the icy winds and all nighters out on the plains of Patagonia.


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