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Undertake a journey. With particular purpose 

The idea of ReWild began on the hilltops of the Trekskei, whilst mapping South Africas best hiking trails for Google Street View.

So it is only natural for us to be drawn back to the business of adventure, and adventure with purpose.



A six month adventure, mapping South Africa's hiking trails

A Wild Tango

Dancing between Patagonia and the cities of South America

New Horizons

Follow NASA's New Horizons journey across the Karoo

Expedition Package

What we can offer you

Our showreel

An overview of how powerful visuals might speak to be heard

Expedition Package

ReWild has the ability to showcase wildernesses & adventures, using the latest technologies today - to give you


 to enlighten - with promise to educate.


We can cover everything end to end, and in addition we'll use measurables and analytics to provide you insight.

From presenting within the fields of wildlife and academia to telling multiple stories through short films, or longer full feature films ... we are here for you. All this, with hope to restore and grow conservation.

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Film Packages

VR | 360 Packages


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