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From short documentary style film, to visual storytelling and promotional films

Film holds a unique ability to tell a story, to communicate and connect in a more human way.

Below is a breakdown of specific packages we offer you

Film Packages

Promotional Film Package

For start ups, companies and those on a mission

Presenting Package

Educate your audience through a character

Documentary Package

You have a beautiful gift, the world. lets make it better

Content Creator Package

From a cameraman for the day, to aerial / drone work

Our showreel

An overview of how powerful visuals might speak to be heard

Promotional Film Package

A video can simply be a vibrant salesman, which can, if used and marketed correctly, present your brand, start-up / company or mission in a beautiful light.

Short films are the best way to communicate creatively what your business does, or the positive impact it creates.

ReWild has the ability to tell your story so that others might understand what you do, in 60 secs or less. We create films which are timeless, to make your investment last.


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Presenting Package

ReWild showcases wildernesses & expeditions, to enlighten - with promise to educate.

Presenting within the fields of wildlife and academia to tell the story through short films, or longer full feature films. With hope to restore and grow conservation.

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Documentary Package

This is where our love for what we do really shines.

Whether its Traditional Film or Virtual Reality - ReWild will immersive itself completely in the story.

Connecting with people and place is what we can offer, along with a scientific and philosophical understanding.

Together with a Bachelor of Science and a Masters in Ecological Design Thinking (Schumacher Collage) to our name ... we are more than just film makers.


Content Creators Package

A mixed bag, designed to be flexible and meet you and your company needs.

This includes anything for a day, week or month from:

  • Cameramen

  • Photographers

  • Aerial imagery

  • Virtual Reality | 360 work


We'll work with you because we love collaboration. 

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What the people we have worked with say

"They completed the 6-month assignment with enthusiasm, professionalism and always with the utmost respect for the people and places they visited. It was a pleasure working with them on this exciting project where travel, technology and conservation meet." 

Andre Van Kets

Cofounder and Director at Discover Africa Group

"Thing that I loved about them and ReWild was that the photo’s we took and the videos that were taken were not taken because they were beautiful but rather for the message behind each photo and what impact each one has and how many stories can be told through that one single shot" 

Oscar Liss

Intern at ReWild

Expeditions Portfolio

and Packages

VR | 360 Packages


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