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VR | 360

Storytelling through the most immersive medium

Our story began whilst at WPPS junior school, where we (ReWild) and Plant The Seed Education tested the role VR might hold within the classroom. None of us, not even the teachers themselves could predict what was to happen. For this reason, the outcome was recorded, measured and analyzed.

By showing the young and excited gr. 7s, we learnt two valuable lessons:

1. Concentration spikes - as you're essentially shutout from your classmates, colleagues and the world

2. You learn better through an experience

Experiences have the power to educate, as a direct experience is the most effective way in which we learn. Keep scrolling to find out more about our VR packages we offer


VR | 360 Packages

Educational VR Package

Learn through a virtual experience

VR Film Package

Immerse your start-up, product, project in a virtual world 

Stills VR Package

From on the ground to aerial VR 

VR Creation & Rental

Gear rental and content creation in 8K Resolution


Educational VR Package

Our Educational package involves us working with you to design and think how a learner might learn through a virtual experience. This is a huge passion for us, and we believe in the power it holds to create positive change. Our 8K resolution 360 camera has the ability to film and take high quality stills, as well as a drone for 360 photography.


If you'd like to know more about the costs and how it all works, get in touch with us here


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
Nelson Mandela


Film VR Package

Virtual reality is more than a vibrant salesman, it can transport you to a story, or dream tourist destination, help calm employee's who are looking for a relaxing place to escape, or present your brand, start-up / company or mission in a new medium.

If you are interested in bringing your audience into a much larger context of your vision, story or values, click here


VR Stills Package

Take your clients to your product, story, idea or lodge. these images might help your company effectively showcase your story, place or product - whilst the benefits to stand out from the crowd, increase online engagement or blow executives away are all possible.

Keen to see more?

VR Creation & Rental

Meet our 6 eyed friend, Snorlax - who shots in stunning 8K Resolution, and has all the kit to go with it.


Need specific content creation, or would like to rent the Insta360 Pro? Click here for more